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Lib Dem Success for Fishermen

Many people have noticed the current song-and-dance about an alleged EU plan to ban recreational angling, with Tory and UKIP MEPs rushing to collect signatures for a petition to Brussels.

The reality, as so often, is rather more prosaic; there is a problem with a growing navy of day trip boats in the Mediterranean hauling substantial catches of blue-fin tuna, for which commercial fishery is almost closed because of the imminent danger of extinction, and this must be tackled.

But the Commissioner confirmed to Parliament's Fisheries Committee on Wednesday in reply to a question from my Lib Dem colleague Elspeth Attwooll MEP that there are no general plans to monitor millions of recreational anglers or to set quotas.

"Sorting these things head on parliament is what the LDs do as your elected representative" said Catherine Bearder, LD candidate for the South East. "The other parties spread alarm using fear tactics, but actually doing what she was elected to do has got the results that fishermen needed. Well done Elspeth!"

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