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Lib Dem MEPs fight for fuel efficient cars

Car drivers are getting more miles to the gallon out of their vehicles, with big improvements still to come.

key_carbontreeprint.pngLib Dem MEPs for the South East, Catherine Bearder and Sharon Bowles, have welcomed EU plans to force car manufacturers to make cars more fuel efficient. The EU's Strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars and light-commercial vehicles hopes to achieve a 20% increase in fuel efficiency over the next six years.

Catherine Bearder argued that the manufacturers are introducing long overdue changes, "driving is an important part of our lives in South East England. The environment around us is changing quickly, so we must be willing to adapt to guarantee the future of the car. The car industry has made some great improvements and I'm very pleased to hear there is even more to come."

"Fuel efficiency doesn't just reduce the cost to the environment, but also the cost to people's wallets. With record oil prices over the last few years, greater fuel efficiency will give people a bit more money in their pockets."

Sharon Bowles said, "I am glad to see the EU taking the reduction of CO2 emissions seriously. Before the Copenhagen Summit, I highlighted the consequences climate change, caused in part by an increase in CO2 emissions, could have on the South East."

"With this in mind, I welcome any attempt by the EU to make cars cleaner and more efficient."

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