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Lib Dem MEP calls for the UK to introduce a total ivory ban

Today the UK parliament will debate on an e-petition which called for a total UK ban on trading ivory. The petition so far has received over 100,000 signatories.

key_cbwildlifepic.pngLib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder wrote a report on the ivory trade and wildlife trafficking which passed almost unanimously in November 2016 (567 MEPs voted in favour, 5 against and 39 abstained, most of which were UKIP).

In the report it calls for a full and immediate European ban on the export and re-export within the EU and to destinations outside the EU of ivory, including ‘pre-Convention’ ivory, and rhino horns.

Mrs Bearder said:

“Our planet’s elephant and rhino populations cannot wait, a full and total ban on the ivory trade must be introduced immediately.

“We must tackle the market place that drives the trade not only in the East but here in Europe too.

“MEPs representing more than half a billion EU citizens supported a full ban - will the UK government now do the same?”


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