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I know you’ve heard me say it - “go and hold an EU Referendum house party!” “invite your friends and family round to your home, put on a good spread and talk about the EU!” - but I don’t like to ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t, so I called up Winchester Lib Dems and we held the first Lib Dem EU Referendum House Party!

We spent the morning pounding the pavements on Winchester High Street, finding out what local shoppers thought of the EU by holding a street survey. And you know what, people weren’t as shy about the EU as you might expect. I was so encouraged by the number of supportive comments from families and young people on the High Street that I entered the house party full of promise and with a hungry stomach!

And I wasn’t disappointed. Politics and religion are two taboos we don’t like to talk about with friends and family. So, on a rainy day in November it was nice to let down the barriers and ask the kind of questions you don’t usually want to ask your neighbours - what does the EU mean for you? It was wonderful to meet Winchester’s new young members and we are so grateful to Mike and Alison Biden for welcoming us into their home and putting on such a great spread.

It’s as simple as that and I would really encourage everyone to have a go. It will be the conversations with your friends, your colleagues, and your communities, that will win us this Referendum and there is no time to lose!

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