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I tested the air pollution levels in my home town...


... and they're five times the legal limit!

Last week I spent a day in my home town of Oxford. But there's no rest for the wicked and no I wasn't Christmas Shopping or putting my feet up! 

Challenged by the Healthy Air Campaign to take the Air Quality Challenge I gladly accepted and hit the streets of Oxford to test the air pollution levels.

Sadly, it was not good news. The legal limit is 1,000 particles per cubic centimetre, but Oxford's air is a whopping 4,890! I know a lot has been done in Oxford to reduce deadly pollution limits, but they're still failing to meet European standards, and the city probably won't meet legal limits for nitrogen dioxide until 2020 - a decade after the legal deadline.

The more people know about the health risks associated with air pollution, the more we can do to fight against it. Young people and the elderly are most at risk.

It wasn't all doom and gloom. I did manage to sneak a mince pie in the morning when I was spreading the festive cheer at the Post Office Depot - what would we do without our trusty Posties at Christmas time?! 

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