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Launching into 2016


Dear Reader,

I hope this month's update finds you well, and you are achieving all of your new year's resolutions with every success!

2016 promises to be an historic year with local elections up and down the country, Assembly elections, and of course the European Referendum.

We've been starting preparations for the referendum campaign with a bang.

I have been travelling up, down and across the country meeting many of you at our EU Referendum Regional Launches. 


Tories tough on tax? Not likely!

The Tories like to peddle the myth that they are tough on tax avoidance, but if only their actions spoke louder than their words. While the EU is trying to combat major tax avoidance by blacklisting tax havens, the Tories have been trying to derail efforts. 



Speaking up for endangered Wildlife

I am hugely passionate about biodiversity - it is one of the main factors that got me into politics. It is also why I am committed to keeping the UK in the EU, which has some of the best environmental protections in the world. 



"Ground Control to Major Tim"

I was so proud to hear of our very own Tim Peake becoming one of the astronauts on the International Space Station late last year. But did you know that America is no longer running the world's major space programme, but instead we Europeans are through the European Space Agency (ESA)?

The EU and the ESA have been working very closely together for the last decade since both share the common vision for further human space exploration. If there is one thing that unites us all, it is that we are all human. And it makes me so immensely proud to be part of a European Union that recognises that and strives to work together and to further the goals of humanity.

Tim Peake is very active on social media, so do follow him on Twitter: @astro_timpeake


Flooded with lies over dredging...

The chaps at the Daily Express are getting really desperate now!

They reported here that the EU was to blame for the recent and ongoing floods across the UK, backed up by a claim from no other than dodgy businessman and UKIP donor, Arron Banks. Sounds a bit fishy to me...

They claim that the EU banned dredging, but this is a lie. The decision to dredge is solely up to our government, and in fact our very own Environment Agency has spent £21m on dredging over the last 2 years.

The EU actually helps prevent flooding. It facilitates coherent policies across borders, the spreading of best practice and cooperation between the best scientists and experts. 

This campaign is already getting dirty with all of the mud flinging, and I need your help to combat these vicious lies from the anti-Europe camp!

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter, and I hope you will join our campaign to ensure that the UK unanimously votes to remain IN the EU!

Follow my Euromyth buster page to find out more.


Catherine Bearder MEP


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