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Is this Copenhagen again?

At its midway point, the Nagoya Convention on Biodiversity has been described as witnessing "alarming divisions and hardening of positions".

key_tacklewildlife.pngCommenting on the first week of the convention, biodiversity campaigner and South East Euro MP, Catherine Bearder, commented:

"When faced with a chance to work together for the good of the planet, once again governments across the world are letting their people down."

"We have a week left to drag some progress from Nagoya, even if it comes kicking and screaming."

"The delegates know the consequences that will follow their failure, but will their governments allow them to take the real action needed?"

"If we don't act now, the natural world we depend on to feed ourselves and to make our medicines will quickly disappear."

"Extinction is permanent. Unless we get real action, tomorrow will be lost."

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