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Is this a new year for Eurostar?

A year on from the Christmas travel chaos caused by Eurostar trains breaking down in the Channel Tunnel, signs are that Eurostar have made positive changes - according to South East Euro MP Catherine Bearder.

Over the last week Eurostar services have been severely disrupted due to bad weather. However, according to first hand accounts, many of the lessons from a year ago have been learnt. Reports indicate that Eurostar's customer service is considerably better - customers have felt well-looked after and received as much assistance as possible.

Catherine Bearder commented, "A year ago Eurostar did not handle the heavy snow and bad weather very well. This year, they are facing the same weather difficulties but I hear have provided a much better service to their customers."

"Eurostar certainly seem to have learnt the lessons from a year ago and I have followed their progress and have met them regularly."

"Lets hope Eurostar keep up their good start and get through the rest of the winter without a repeat of last year."

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