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Is the UK Independence Party about to change its policies?

Nigel Farage MEP, leader of the UK Independence party is a confused man.

He was talking on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme tonight's discussion about the successor to Peter Mandelson as Trade Commissioner. Mr Farage stated quite clearly that the role of Trade Commissioner was vital, as the EU needs a competent and skillful negotiator in this post as we enter a period of global financial turmoil. He seemed, finally, to recognise that the UK's position in the world is best served as a full and active member of the EU, where the citizens of the UK will be protected by being part of a group of nations.

How odd then that he is the leader of the only party in the UK that is calling for our membership of the European Union to cease and for the UK to withdraw completely. Perhaps we should stand by for a complete rethink of the UKIP's policies and their reason d'être.

In her email to the PM programme, Catherine Bearder said "Either he (Nigel Farage) wants us out of the EU and deems the EU to be irrelevant to the UK, and our future in the global economy. Or he recognises that the EU is immensely important at a time of great worldwide financial turmoil and the EU is THE place where our success and future in the world will be protected. If this is so then indeed the new Commissioner for Trade has a key role to play in these negotiation. He cannot have it both ways. the EU is important or it is not."

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