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Industry adamant: 85% of manufacturers say Britain must remain in the EU

Britain's manufacturers have set out a plea for Britain to remain in the EU while detailing a radical plan, ensuring British industry's voice is heard and keeping Britain at its heart.

key_industrial.pngThe proposals from EEF, the manufacturers' organisation are contained in 'Europe - A Manifesto for Growth'.

In its EU manifesto, designed to promote growth and boost industry, EEF calls on Britain to take a leading role in Europe and focus more on the lucrative multi-billion pound trade deals and extending the highly valuable single market. According to its latest survey 85% of manufacturers would vote to remain in the EU.

The group also calls for Britain to spearhead reforming the EU, from creating a new red-tape task force to 'clustering' EU Directorates General.

Catherine Bearder, Euro MP for the South East, commented:

"British manufacturers are now making it clear that being in the EU is crucial for this country's economic future. We must stay in the EU to generate growth, to protect the recovery and to safeguard the future of British industry.

"The Lib Dems are going in to these elections with a clear message: let's remain in the EU but let's reform it from within, but this can only be done with hard-working British MEPs around the table.

"These elections are the most important in years and the electorate have a clear choice: In or Out. Lib Dems or Ukip.

"After all, how can Britain expect to prosper and grow by walking away from our biggest trading partner?"

Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive of EEF, said:

"These elections come at a critical time for the EU. We need all UK parties to come forward with a positive message both about our role in Europe and, how they will seek to evolve its priorities and institutions. This will ensure it is fit for the future, more accountable and focused on growth, all of which are critical for business and for voters.

"We strongly support Britain's continued membership of the EU. The Commission and the other EU institutions must now work tirelessly to support business and industry and, promote economic growth."

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