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I'm speaking up for wildlife


I am passionate about protecting biodiversity and I am proud that the EU has some of the best environmental protections in the world.

I am, however worried that these protections will be watered down thanks to a review by the European Commission. Last year I lead negotiations for the European Liberal group on our report on biodiversity, and I will continue to put pressure on member states to do more to protect our precious wildlife.

Over 1,000 species are protected by the EU's nature laws, including some of our most cherished birds and animals such as otters, puffins and the turtle dove.

These laws have helped bring back some species from the brink of extinction. We must work together in Europe to ensure that these laws are properly enforced and not ignored, protecting nature for future generations to enjoy. I shall be doing all I can to ensure a light is being shone on any watering down of exisiting legislation.

I will also be working with my cross party group MEPs for Wildlife to ensure we can tighten up existing legislation and campaign for an EU Action Plan on wildlife crime - only by remaining in Europe can we continue to work with our neighbours to tackle the world's fourth largest illegal trade.

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