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Human Trafficking exists in your town. What can your community do to help?

To coincide with UK anti-slavery day Catherine Bearder MEP and Women Liberal Democrats have organised an event to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and to help bring people together who want to see it stopped.

key_humantrafficking.pngThe theme of the event is "Trafficking is happening all over the country, it could even be happening down your street. Would you like learn how to do something about it"

Those who are interested are invited to attend the conference, listen to the expert speakers and gain the tools so that they and their community can work together to make a difference.

The free conference is being held on the 15th October at the Penta Hotel in Reading and will run from 09:30 to 16:30. It is completely non-political and open to anyone interested in learning more about this horrible trade in human beings and what they can do in their area.

The speakers will include a Police Officer who has experience of the front line in the fight against trafficking, a human trafficking charity that works with victims found in the UK, and an existing community group that can give their experiences of fighting trafficking in their local area. 

In the build up to the conference anti-trafficking campaigner and South East Euro MP Catherine Bearder said:

"Most people don't realise the scale of human trafficking in this country. The UK is the biggest market for trafficked victims in Europe and I'm inviting people to learn more about this and what they can do.

"The Police Officers and human trafficking charities I speak to always stress how important active community engagement is in the fight against trafficking. It helps spread the message of the signs to look out for and creates an environment where it's harder for traffickers to operate."



Conference Details: Saturday 15th October 2011, 9.30- 4.30, Penta Hotel, Reading

Those interested can register for this event by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7227 1208

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