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Honeybee health in the spotlight

A bid to protect up to 50,000 beehives across South East England was today backed by Catherine Bearder MEP.

key_cbbees.pngThe European Parliament voted on a report in Strasbourg outlining measures to protect bees following an increase in the species' mortality rate.

It highlighted 84 per cent of plant species and 76 per cent of food production in Europe are dependent on pollination by bees.

Catherine said: "Beekeeping may seem like a problem for rural communities to worry about, but it is vital in maintaining a stable eco system for all of us.

"As I said last year when I raised the issue, Europe must address the problem of bee deaths. Quite literally, life on earth depends on it."

Today's report has urged the European Commission to invest more money into disease prevention and how pesticides take a toll on the bee community.

Catherine added: "Our agriculture and biodiversity depends on saving the bee. We need coordinated action across Europe in research and veterinary treatment, as well as recruitment and training for young beekeepers."

The British Beekeepers Association has estimated there are between 40,000 and 50,000 beehives in South East England.

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