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High levels of pollution in UK show need for Europe-wide limits

Air pollution in the UK is set to high levels today, prompting health warnings from the government. Those with heart or lung problems and the elderly are being told to completely avoid strenuous physical activity, while even healthy people are being warned to cut down on the amount of physical exertion they do outside.


The high levels are being caused by mix of local pollution, south-easterly winds blowing pollutants in from the continent and dust from the Sahara.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, who is currently negotiating new EU limits on air pollution, commented:

"Yet again we are seeing extremely high levels of pollution in the UK, caused in part by smog blowing in from the continent.

"We cannot ignore this problem any longer. We urgently need strict EU limits that will force all governments to improve our shared air quality.

"Unless action is taken across Europe, the quality of the air we breathe will continue to be at the mercy of whichever way the wind is blowing."


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