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Save Our Vultures & Eagles

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The European Commission must take action to ban the use of diclofenac, a veterinary drug that is decimating the EU's population of vultures and eagles in Europe.

The drug is used as a painkiller and antibiotic for livestock, but it's highly poisonous for birds of prey who feed on the carcasses of farmed animals.

In the 1990s, vulture populations in the Indian subcontinent plummeted by 95% as a result of this drug. As a result it has now been banned in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

The science is clear; the European Medical agency found last year that the use of diclofenac poses a risk to European vultures. Yet despite the policy of the precautionary principle it is still approved for use in European countries with threatened vulture populations, including Italy and Spain. Even though there are cheap alternatives available.

I am calling on the European Commission to put in place an EU-wide ban on this drug which poses a risk to European wildlife.

Please help stop the decline of already vulnerable European vulture and eagle populations before it is too late.

Sign this petition to show your support for banning diclofenac in the EU now.

Will you sign?