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Government faces new court case over scandalous pollution levels

A new legal challenge has been launched by ClientEarth against the UK government due to its repeated failure to tackle dangerous air pollution levels that are breaching EU limits.

key_Airpollution.jpgLast April the Supreme Court demanded that the government draw up plans to improve air quality so that it meets legal limits as soon as possible. But official plans presented last December would only see air pollution limits reached in a number of UK cities by as late as 2025.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, a lead negotiator on the EU's new air quality law, commented:

"The ongoing failure to deal with deadly air pollution is scandalous.

"The government must stop dragging its feet and get behind efforts to improve air quality, both locally and at EU level.

 "The longer we wait, the more people will die prematurely from dirty air."

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