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Exit from Brexit - get involved!

If you want to get involved with the Liberal Democrat campaign for an Exit from Brexit, here’s how:


Your Story

We’re partnering with Your Liberal Britain to run a film and photography competition!

Personal stories are what will help us achieve an exit from Brexit - that’s why I want YOUR stories. Are you a farmer, an NHS worker, an academic or a lorry driver? Do you have a story of why the EU’s important for your town?

It may be that, as a grandparent you’re worried about your grandchildren’s future or as an EU citizen you have no idea what the future holds, and you want to share your concerns.

We’re looking for one-minute video submissions or photos with brief captions – get creative, make them fun but above all, please make them personal.

Enter Here


Organise an event

I’m delighted to inform you my team has been working on information boxes to help you in running street stalls, public events and on the ground campaigning.

If you’re a Liberal Democrat member, for your chance to obtain a Campaign in a Box for your local party please fill out the order form by clicking the link below.

If you’re not yet a member but want to find out how to get involved you can find your local party here.

Order Box


Join Tom Brake's Team

Are you a media professional or sector expert? Or just really passionate about stopping Brexit? Then this is the opportunity for you! The Lib Dem Brexit spokesperson, Tom Brake MP, is recruiting a volunteer resource group of industry insiders, communicators and researchers to support his role in the party’s campaign to win an Exit from Brexit.

Our main goal is to provide Tom Brake with a team of writers and digital activists who can ensure that his message is reflected online and communicated in the specialist and student press. The group will also be seeking to establish brand relationships that advance the party’s Exit from Brexit campaign. Basically - plenty to get involved with!

To get involved, click on the link below.

Join the Team



This is a simple one. In order to have any chance of achieving an exit from Brexit we need to grow our movement.

How do we do that? By talking! We all know disgruntled Remainers who are one step away from getting involved in the campaign – I want to ask you now to speak to at least one of them and have a proper conversation about the risks facing us and what they can do to help. As well as signing up yourself, encourage them to join our growing campaign!

Exit from Brexit!


Any questions, please get in touch with my team on [email protected]





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