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Food labelling great for South East consumers and farmers

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder today welcomed the European Parliament vote for mandatory food labelling.

key_foodlabelling.pngSpeaking after she and other MEPs supported a "country of provenance" label for meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, and single ingredient products, Catherine said, "These new labels will ensure transparency in our food supply and allow people to make an informed choice about the food they buy.

"Whether you are concerned about quality, ethics, or food miles, the right to know and the right to choose should be yours.

"Many people choose to buy from British farmers because of our high animal welfare standards. These standards cost money so it's important our farmers see a reward for them."

"It's ludicrous that producers can get away with just packing Danish sausages in Britain and calling them 'British'. This is highjacking the 'British' brand without meeting the British standards."

"No longer will consumers be ripped off by thinking they're buying British when they're not."

As a diabetic Catherine is a big supporter of clear food labelling. She commented, "I think it's very important people know what they are eating and how it will affect them."

"as a diabetic I need to know how much sugar I'm taking in otherwise I could become ill."

"Nearly 1in every 500 people in Britain are diabetic - and we need all the help we can get!"

"Now whether at home or elsewhere in Europe consumers can see exactly what they're buying."

The Food Information to Consumers report was passed yesterday by a majority of MEPs. It will now go to the Council of Ministers for their approval.

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