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Report shows number of South East councils among worst in UK for food hygiene standards

Which's annual report on food hygiene enforcement in the UK showed a number of South East councils to be among the worst in Britain.

The report shows a number of councils in the South East are failing in their duty to police food hygiene standards including Thanet and Medway in Kent which are in the worst10 and 20 percent of councils respectively and Elmbridge and Crawley which are in the worst 30 percent.

Catherine Bearder MEP has been campaigning for EU action to improve food safety standards. She's calling for tough EU limits on the campylobacter bacterium, which can lead to severe food poisoning and was recently found to be present in around 70% of supermarket chickens. A quarter of poultry meat sold in the UK is imported from elsewhere in the EU.


Catherine Bearder commented "It is the duty of local authorities to police food hygiene standards in their area.

"The latest Which? report coupled with news that 70 per cent of UK chickens are contaminated with a potentially harmful bacterium leaves me fearful for my constituents.

"There needs to be concerted action taken at the local level but I'm also calling for EU limits on the campylobacter bacterium to ensure chicken on the supermarket and wholesale shelves is at least safer."

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