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Final warning from EU Commission to UK government on air pollution

The UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain have been given a final warning for breaching EU air quality standards.

key_carpollution.jpgThis is the last step before the EU takes legal action against the UK and other governments.

The UK has two months to prove it is taking action before the Commission will escalate the matter to the Court for the enforcement of laws the UK has signed up to.

Long term air quality campaigner and lead Liberal negotiator on the EU’s National Emission Ceiling limits, Catherine Bearder, commented:

“This is a severe warning from the Commission. The UK government must take action to protect its citizens.

“Time and again this government has ignored warnings and failed to take action against this deadly killer which claims the lives prematurely of 29,000 people per year.

“This is a consummate failure of the government who has long left local councils to deal with pollution that is not their fault. 

"I am really fearful that this government will see Brexit as an opportunity to duck their responsibility to protect the health of our citizens."

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