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Far-right Front National MEPs form political group with help of "disgraced" former UKIP MEP

Disgraced former UKIP MEP, Janice Atkinson, is set to form a new far-right political group in the European Parliament with the French Front National party.

key_front_national.jpgThe new group is expected to be formed of 36 MEPs, 23 of whom will be from Marine Le Pen's Front National.  Other parties represented in the far-right grouping include Jobbik from Hungary, Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom from the Netherlands, the Freedom Party of Austria, Lega Nord from Italy and Vlaams Belang from Belgium.

Commenting on the news, South East Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder said:

"This is a disgraceful decision by a disgraced MEP.

"The people of the South East region she represents will undoubtedly be shocked by this move.

"Janice Atkinson should do the honourable thing and resign, not prop up a group of Europe's most hateful and far-right parties."


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