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Eurostar independent report - one year on

Nearly a year after the independent report was published on the Eurostar Christmas travel chaos, Kent's Euro MP Catherine Bearder is going to find out what Eurostar have done to rectify problems.

The independent report reviewed the problems that occurred over Christmas 2009 when Eurostar trains were stranded inside the Channel Tunnel for hours with no power.
Mrs Bearder, whose constituency includes the UK end of the Euro Tunnel and two Eurostar stations, attended the launch of the independent report and on behalf of her Kent constituents has put pressure on Eurostar to implement all the changes recommended in it. A year on from then, Mrs Bearder now wants to hear exactly what has been done since the independent report was published.
Ahead of this week's meeting, Mrs Bearder has announced what she hopes to find from Eurostar:
"The independent report gave us real answers to what happened during the Eurostar travel chaos over Christmas 2009. It recommended a number of changes that Eurostar should make to ensure the problems would not be repeated."
"I want to hear what Eurostar have done since then to improve staff training - with regards to safety and general customer care."
"I also want to hear about the travel problems people experienced over the recent Christmas period. What was the cause of the problems? Why were they not dealt with sufficiently to avoid the scenes of chaos we saw at St Pancras station?"
"I said a year ago that Eurostar couldn't hide behind a glossy report - now its time for them to be held to account."
Mrs Bearder will be meeting with Richard Morris (Director of Business and Service Continuity) and Seth Williams (Head of Public Affairs) of Eurostar on Thursday 17th January at 3pm. Mr Morris was responsible for implementing the recommendations from the independent report.

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