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European Parliament must not spend fortune on Strasbourg madness

Liberal Democrat South East MEP Catherine Bearder has called for the blocking of plans by European Parliament bosses known as the 'bureau' to spend £26 million (€30 million) on improving MEP offices in the Parliament's Strasbourg building.

key_bearder1.pngThe Parliament is currently obliged under the EU treaties - fixed by the 27 national governments - to sit in both Brussels and Strasbourg in a 'travelling circus'. But in June a majority of MEPs voted in favour of maintaining a single seat in Brussels, which would save 19,000 tonnes of CO2 every year as well as a great deal of money, given that the estimated cost of maintaining Strasbourg is €180 million a year.

Catherine Bearder said:

"The powers-that-be need their heads examining! There is zero justification for spending huge sums on this crazy project in the context of a massive European financial crisis as well as a preference by most MEPs to get out of Strasbourg.

"Instead of upgrading Strasbourg we must put big pressure on member states to end this huge waste by allowing us to have one home in Brussels. I will push for the European Parliament's budget committee to block this stupid plan."

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