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European 112 Day celebrated all over Europe

Lib Dem Euro MP Catherine Bearder has welcomed the new European emergency number, hailing it as an example of the huge benefits of international cooperation.

key_112.png11th February 2010 marks the second edition of the European 112 Day. The emergency number 112 is common to all 27 countries of the European Union and is used to contact emergency services free of charge.

While the surveys have shown that more than 9 out of 10 Europeans are positive towards the creation and existence of this life saving number, still 3 out of 4 are unaware of these 3 digits that could save their lives when in need of reaching the police, ambulance or fire services. Therefore, events to promote the knowledge and good use of 112 are organised today in several European cities from Portugal to Finland and from Belgium to Bulgaria.

The European Parliament has been launching a series of initiatives* to disseminate the information during the last months and is also celebrating the European 112 Day.

South East England's Euro-MP Catherine Bearder commented, "having access to the European Emergency Number 112 is every European citizen's right. Please remember to teach 112 to your children: 112 is 1 mouth, 1 nose and 2 eyes!"

"The number of European citizens that travel in Europe is increasing every year, therefore it is important to guarantee them a secure and safe stay. Thanks to the European Emergency Number 112, these citizens can have an equal access to emergency services wherever they are in EU."

"Now when British people travel to the rest of Europe they will no longer have to remember which of the 26 other emergency numbers they need to call in case of emergency. 112 is all they need."

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