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Euromyth Buster: Time to tackle Euromyths

To be honest, is it really a surprise when people become exasperated by the European Union?

Let's face it, they are rarely presented with the facts.

key_cbeuflag.pngAnd, if we are to have a reasonable debate about the EU, then the facts are what we need.

So, I have today launched my Euromyth Buster and I want you to get involved.

The recent media frenzy on an alleged Brussels ban on reusing jars for homemade jams to sell at charity events was a great example.

The outcry prompted letters to newspapers - "once again the EU is poking its nose into our way of life".

For the record, the jam jar story was not true.

There are no EU laws, new or old, which ban re-using old jam jars for fetes. The EU also has no powers to fine people.

It was a great example of the worry which can be whipped up by these tales.

And often amid the flurry of misleading 'meddling Brussels bureaucrat' headlines, the Commission is not contacted for comment.

So, when you spot a Euromyth, let me know. Post a link on the Facebook page and let everyone see it.

Here is the link to the Euromyth Buster Facebook page. You can also let me know on Twitter @catherinemep.

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