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EU must demand lorry blind spot technology

An EU cycle safety report which said there is not enough evidence to force lorries to install blind spot technology, has been branded short-sighted.

Catherine Bearder, an MEP for the South East, signed a written declaration calling for lorries to be fitted with technology which eradicates blind spots.

But the European Commission has decided there is not enough evidence to show heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) should be forced to make changes.

Catherine said: "How can the commission take a year to decide there aren't enough facts and figures available to assess the cost-effectiveness of new devices?

"Let's face it, compared to a lost life, the cost of fitting HGVs with sensors and cameras are negligible. It's short-sighted to say the least."

The commission's report comes after family of Eilidh Cairns, who was knocked off her bike and killed by a lorry inLondon, took their "See Me - Save Me" campaign to the European Parliament last year.

The declaration called for the fitting and retrofitting of new technologies such as cameras and sensors to all HGVs acrossEurope.

But a study published by the commission has concluded a revision of current EU legislation would only be appropriate when new evidence becomes available.

Catherine added: "I am disturbed by the lack of urgency to eliminate blind spots, instead we have a lot of complacency and acceptance of the status quo.

"We use these devices to help us park and avoid scratches to our cars, so why not make them mandatory to save lives?"

The full report can be found online at

You can log onto the See Me Save Me campaign website at

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