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EU invests over £5 billion a year in the UK

Recent figures have revealed the huge benefits the UK gets from membership of the EU.


key_bearder1.pngNew information from the European Commission shows the huge benefits that come with the UK's membership of the EU. In 2009 the EU spent £5.35 billion in the UK. Of this, £3.31 billion went on farm spending, £1.16 billion was spent on regional development in Britain's poorest areas and nearly £1 billion was spent on research and development to maintain the UK's position as a global leader in research and innovation.

Local Lib Dem Euro MP Catherine Bearder commented:

"Every year the EU invests huge amounts of money in the UK but no one ever hears about it because it's not reported."

"Thanks to the European Parliament we can now see exactly how the EU invests £15 million every day in the UK."

"The UK is better off in and would be much poorer if it left the EU."

"The UK is undoubtedly a net-contributor to the EU budget, but that extra money is spent helping poorer economies than ours to develop so they will buy more products from British companies. In the end we get it all back and more!"

"Next time you hear people making wild claims about the EU you can correct them and tell them exactly how we benefit."

To see the European Parliament's interactive guide to the EU budget and EU spending please click here.

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