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EU funding at work at University of Southampton

The University has been awarded a number of grants by the European Commission to help train young scientists researching the cause and treatment of mental health problems across Europe.

key_southampton.pngIn one project (MARATONE) EU funding is being used to fund 14 PhD students working in partnership with academic and other organisations across Europe.

The project was initiated as a result of a European Union parliamentary resolution on mental health in 2009.

Catherine Bearder, Southampton MEP, commented:

"This project and the work I have seen being undertaken here today are clearly vital tools in fighting mental health issues all over Europe.

"It is a fine example of the role the EU can play in raising issues up the agenda - firstly by setting a resolution in 2009 and then by providing millions in funding.

"I'm particularly proud that the University of Southampton is the home to this wonderful project and I am delighted to be able to visit the dedicated professors and researchers here today."

David Baldwin, Head of the Mental Health Group, in the Faculty of Medicine in the University, added:

"This research programme was only made possible through dedicated EU funding to the Universities of Southampton, Bristol and Hertfordshire, and to partner universities in other European countries.

"Very importantly, the EU has recognised the need for an integrated strategy for research into the causes and treatment of mental disorders; and for the training of the next generation of biomedical researchers. By working with our neighbours we can share best practice and draw on the resources and expertise of our partner organisations."

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