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EU ban on sale of animal tested cosmetics welcomed

Make-up tested on animals will be banned from shop shelves across the EU, it was confirmed today (Monday, March 11.

key_fairertax.pngThe UK outlawed testing cosmetic products, or their ingredients, on animals in 1997 and it has also been banned across the EU.

but it did not stop import and sale of products which had used animal testing from elsewhere around the world.

Catherine Bearder, an MEP for the South East, welcomed the move and explained how the new EU ban will shut the loophole.

She said: "This has been a long time coming. Today's news means our shop shelves will not be filled with products like make-up and skin cream tested on animals in non EU countries.

"Thousands of existing cosmetic ingredients are already on the market and officially recognised as safe. It seems unacceptable to make animals suffer in order to develop new ones.

"It is cruel and indefensible and, hopefully, the EU ban could act as a spur in global efforts to stop the practice."

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