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Environmental standards on the rise

Today Catherine Bearder MEP met with representatives from Hastings Borough Council to discuss plans to improve the environmental standards of Hastings beach.


key_logbooks.pngTwo months after the Marine Conservation Society suggested that three beaches in South East England would fail to meet the higher European standards being introduced in 2015, Catherine met with Councillor Richard Stevens and the Seafront Service Manager Nick Sangster to hear about Hastings Borough Council's plans for the upkeep of the beach.

Catherine said, "At the moment Hastings beach is considered a safe beach for swimmers, but we must make sure that standards here continue to rise to meet the new standards being brought in across Europe."

"Hastings Borough Council have set out some important proposals for how we will keep raising our environmental standards."

"But to set environmental standards that will last we all have to work together. Water companies must work with the Council, and local residents must do what they can to."

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