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Environment Committee study: implications of Brexit will be worse than expected

I called for the Environment Committee meeting along with UK MEPs Julie Girling and Seb Dance as an initiative to get non-UK MEPs to start thinking about the potential threats Brexit poses to the environment. We had excellent speakers from the British Medical Association, Sheffield University, Which? And many more.


To tell the truth the presentations they gave us were truly worrying. Brexit throws up hundreds of problems in terms of cross-border environmental protection, enforcement of environmental laws, food safety standards, blood and organ exchange – the list goes on and on. They say Brexit makes the moon landings look like a piece of cake!

If we leave the EU we need an independent office of environmental responsibility which ensures future governments cannot weaken or remove environmental protection. Don’t forget we were referred to as the ‘dirty man of Europe’ when we joined in the 1970s, I really hope we don’t go back to those times and will be doing all I can to ensure proper procedures and bodies are put in place to ensure the UK continues to comply with vital environmental legislation.

You can see my response immediately after the interview here.



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