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Diabetes will become a national health emergency

Local Euro MP is warning of the national health emergency that will follow if more isn't done to educate the public on the threat of diabetes.

key_bearder1.pngDuring UK Diabetes Week, Catherine Bearder MEP, who represents South East England at the European Parliament, has called on governments across Europe to help people minimise the risk of them getting diabetes, and to invest in more research to find a cure.

Local Euro MP Catherine Bearder, who has Type 2 diabetes, commented:

"With people living for longer diabetes will soon affect one in ten of us, many severely. If nearly 6 million people in the UK have diabetes we'll have no choice but to treat it as a public health emergency."

"More money has to be invested in treatment for diabetes. Scientists tell me that a cure for type 1 diabetes is achievable, but this can only be delivered if governments invest in our research sector."

"We desperately need a European strategy for research to find a cure, and coordination of best practice for diagnosis and treatment between countries. If it can be done for cancer, it must be done for the ticking bomb of diabetes."

In Diabetes Week 2011, Diabetes UK is encouraging people to talk about diabetes. Learning to live with diabetes can be challenging, so Diabetes UK provides ways for anyone affected by diabetes to access vital healthcare information, benefit from emotional support and talk to people with diabetes.

In Europe we only commit one-tenth of what the US spends on diabetes research.

Type 1 diabetes develops when the body (the pancreas) is unable to produce any insulin at all and generally occurs before the age of 30, sometimes in very young babies. It requires insulin injections or a pump.

Type 2 is when there is insufficient insulin or resistance to it, and it develops often in response to obesity or an unhealthy lifestyle. It can be treated with tablets or sometimes more exercise and a better diet.

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