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Cutting the cost of making a call in the EU

The cost of a making a call while travelling around the European Union is expected to be cut by the summer.

key_cbmobilephone.pngSouth East MEP Catherine Bearder has welcomed a move to cap the amount companies can bill customers for calls and texts from July.

The deal between the EU and member states was brokered on Tuesday night.

Catherine said: "This is an important step to end the rip off charges for using your mobile phone while on holiday or business in the EU.

"The varying costs make it prohibitive to use a phone or tablet while travelling around Europe and creates confusion for customers."

At the moment, the limit for making a call is around 30p, sending a text is about 9p and there is no cap on what firms can charge for data.

But from July, a call will be capped at 24p a minute and fall to 16p in 2014. Meanwhile, texting abroad will be cut to 8p this year and 5p in 2014.

The European Commission is also keen for operators to open their networks to providers from other EU countries in an effort to give customers wider choice.

Catherine added: "Let's hope these new charges will not leave people with a nasty surprise when they get home and open the phone bill."

The deal still needs to be finally adopted by the European Parliament - probably during its May plenary session - before it can come into force on July 1.









€0.14 (12p)

€0.10 (8p)

€0.05 (4p)

Retail (made)

0.29 (24p)

0.24 (20p)

0.19 (16p)

Retail (received)

0.08 (7p)

0.07 (6p)

0.05 (4p)





€0.03 (3p)

€0.02 (2p)

€0.02 (2p)


0.09 (8p)

0.08 (7p)

0.06 (5p)


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