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Councils must consider threat to biodiversity loss

Local and regional Governments must consider the threat of biodiversity loss in their planning policies, Catherine Bearder MEP said today.

key_cbdiodiversity.pngCatherine has drafted an opinion for the European Parliament's Regional Policy Committee on the report: "Our Life Insurance, Our Natural Capital: a Biodiversity Strategy to 2020".

The report by Dutch Lib Dem MEP Gerben-Jan Gebrandy outlines steps towards protecting biodiversity across the European Union and around the world.

It calls for more effort to protect biodiversity, such as restoring damaged ecosystems and protecting threatened species and habitats.

Catherine explained the report underlined the need for sustainable fisheries, forestry, agriculture, industry and transport.

She added: "Biodiversity loss and overconsumption of natural resources are problems affecting all our regions and have a big impact on the lives of all EU citizens.

"Local and regional governments must consider these threats in their planning policies and the EU must make sure that environmental proofing is built into structural and cohesion Funding."

Mr Gebrandy said: "By adopting my report, the Environment Committee clearly embraces the European Strategy to stop the loss of biodiversity in 2020.

"The European Parliament is even more ambitious in willing to restore more than 15 per cent of degraded ecosystems.

"An important step has been set with the adoption of the so called ´no net loss´ - principle at project level.

"This will have a huge influence on industry to take biodiversity concerns into account."

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