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Consumers save £8bn on roaming charges after EU cap

Local Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder has uncovered new figures showing that EU caps on mobile roaming charges have saved consumers an estimated £8bn over the past five years.

key_roaming.pngThis was in a response to a question tabled by Mrs Bearder to the European Commission, which has overall responsibility for enforcing the caps.

Commenting, Catherine Bearder, said:

"Holidaymakers across the South East have been stung by rip-off roaming fees in the past, but thanks to EU roaming caps literally billions of pounds have been saved.

"Liberal Democrats in Brussels have led the campaign to cut roaming charges, and are now going one step further by pushing for them to be abolished altogether in the EU by 2015.

"This is exactly the kind of issue that pits the Liberal Democrats against UKIP, who have voted to increase your phone bill when you go abroad.

"Liberal Democrats are fighting the European elections as the Party of In Europe because being in helps us to protect jobs at home and cut costs for UK citizens abroad."

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