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Congratulations to Venezuelan opposition movement on winning prestigious Sakharov Prize

But Corbyn’s lack of condemnation of government shows how out of step he is with rest of Europe


Catherine Bearder MEP congratulated the Venezuelan democratic opposition who have won to Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought.

The opposition dominate the National Assembly but the Venezuelan Prime Minister’s ruling Socialist Party have stripped the Assembly of any legislative power.

But as this happened this summer, Jeremy Corbyn released a statement about the worsening situation in the country which failed to condemn the Venezuelan government.  

Mrs Bearder commented:

“I am delighted the Venezuelan democratic opposition has won this important prize for their continued fight against an increasingly despotic Socialist regime – I take my hat off to these courageous people.

“This award shows that much of the rest of Europe can see the horrors of the Venezuelan situation – why then is Corbyn refusing to acknowledge and condemn a leader sliding into a dictatorship while the country’s wealth slips through his fingers.

“The one scary prospect we all need to confront is whether Corbyn sees this Socialist regime as inspiration for the government he envisages leading here.”


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