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Confused Cameron leaves UK in limbo

The Prime Minister has failed to give concrete direction over UK's future in the EU, Catherine Bearder MEP said today.

key_fairertax.pngShe said: "David Cameron's speech was plagued with confusion… confusion over who it is was aimed at, and confusion over what he really wants to achieve.

"His increasingly desperate pledge to push for a positive vision for the EU is at odds with his attempt to appease chunks of his own party.

"Mr Cameron has doffed his cap to the right wing nationalists in the Tory party, whose real agenda is an immediate exit, and simultaneously put British growth, jobs and investment at risk.

"He pledges to work with the EU to fight terrorism and crime… then decides he wants to repatriate justice powers from Brussels.

"Businesses are confused, our EU partners are confused and, no doubt, the voter is confused."

What Catherine said earlier this week:

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