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Children's rights are human rights, says Bearder

Lib Dem Euro MP Catherine Bearder today supported calls for greater protection of children from violence.

key_childviolence.pngSome 5% of our children are known to live in families where violence is commonplace, and the number of cases where violence goes unreported and undetected could make this figure even higher.

In the UK we have incorporated the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into our law, but there are many states in Europe that are yet to follow our lead.

Catherine, who spoke in the European Parliament this week against the trafficking of children, said, "the right of children to live free from violence a universal human right.

"Violence towards children and violence within the family is an increasingly widespread problem throughout Europe, and we must commit to tackling it and guaranteeing the rights of children in European legislation."

"If we're serious about protecting the rights of children we have to approach it as a European issue. Children's rights apply to all children across the whole continent."

"It's time for Europeans to show the courage of our convictions on this issue."

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