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Catherine's Accounts 2014

General Expenditure

The general expenditure allowance paid to MEP's are designed to cover office management expenditure, phone bills, postage, the purchase, management and use of IT equipment, and travel by Members within their own Member State. The general expenditure allowance for 2014 is €4,299 per month. 100% of expenditure is supported by documentation and yearly accounts are prepared by an external accountant (HARTS Chartered Accountants, Hertfordshire).


General Expenditure Allowance (Art 25-28):

Travel - related expenditure


Office management and running costs


Office equipment




Conferences, events, briefings, meetings, etc.


Stationery, periodicals, subscriptions, etc




Travel and Subsistence

MEPs have one journey a week from home to work reimbursed at a flat rate on the basis of distance and mode of transport. All travel outside the UK is reimbursed at cost. In all cases, proof of travel is required. Accommodation and general expenses within the UK are paid for out of the general expenditure allowance under Representation Activities. Wherever possible, Catherine travels by train which she considers the most environmentally sustainable & cost efficient method.

MEPs receive a daily subsistence allowance for official attendance on Parliamentary duties in the EU but outside the UK. For official attendance on Parliamentary duties outside the EU, MEPs receive half the daily substance allowance plus the cost of bed and breakfast.

The following is a statement of the expenses paid to Catherine Bearder during 2014. The information is provided by the parliaments directorate-general for finance.

For the period 01 January to 31st December 2014, Catherine was reimbursed:



Duration Allowance


Distance Allowance


Travel Costs


Daily Subsistence Allowance


Taxi Costs


Total of Daily Subsistence Allowance Received




During 2014 in Oxford and Brussels Catherine employed seven full-time staff paid between £15 000 and £30 000 pa FTE (or euro equivalent at Jan 2014 exchange rate). Catherine also employed Three Interns, paid NMW. The details of current staff and where they are located can be found here

European Parliament Salaries and Allowances Page

Name and address of paying agent:

Janet Hart, Harts Chartered Accountants, 3 Churchgates, Church Lane, Berkhamsted, Herts. HP4 2UB

The role of paying agent is to administer and MEPs staff payroll. Catherine is not a member of the additional voluntary pension scheme and does not employ any members of her family.

The European Parliament maintains a register of MEPs' financial interests that can be read at the parliament's offices in Brussels or Strasbourg. In most cases entries are available online (European Parliament website, 'YOUR MEPs').


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