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Catherine Bearder visits the Isle of Wight

This week, Isle of Wight MEP Catherine Bearder visited the Island to meet several businesses and organisations to hear about the work they do and discuss how she can help them through her work in the European Parliament.

key_farming.pngCatherine met with staff and directors of Natural Enterprise, an organisation that provides environmental consultancy, economic development work, through to managing European Funding Programmes.

Catherine commented :

"Natural Enterprise advise businesses, organisations and individuals on ways that they can grow taking into account changes in the environment and making positive changes for the future.

They have received European funding for projects and are a great example of how businesses can grow as we seek to protect the environment."

Catherine also met the founders of an Island clothing business, Rapanui, a company that make clothes that are organic, from renewable energy powered factories using ethical and fair labour.

They have also started a campaign to introduce "eco-labelling" to the clothing industry.

Catherine said:

"We discussed turning their Eco-labelling idea into a Europe-wide rating given to all clothes sold (in the same form as the rating given to white goods relating to energy efficiency) taking into account how environmentally and ethically sound the clothes we buy are.

They've asked for my help with this so I look forward to taking that forward with them."

Catherine was also invited by a local farmer to see how his farm was a leader in helping protect and develop bio-diversity.

The Highland cattle farm was the South Eastern regional winner in the RSPB nature in farming awards.

Catherine added:

"This is a great example of what farms can do to protect and encourage biodiversity. 

"We were shown around the whole farm and saw the new wild flowers that had been growing and the birds that they had then attracted, as well as getting up close and personal with the cows!"

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