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Catherine Bearder visits Dungeness B Power Station

This week, Catherine Bearder MEP visited the nuclear power station at Dungeness to discuss safety, sustainability and how the nuclear industry is adapting post-Fukushima.

key_powerstation.pngCatherine met with Graham Finn, the Station Director and Michael Stott, Senior Public Affairs Manager for EDF Energy and she was also given a tour of the facility.

Safety was the main topic of discussion and Catherine was taken through the numerous safety features of the station.

The key safety principles at the station are based around three main concepts:

- Diversity - different designs of protection systems to avoid common mode failure

- Redundancy - having multiple systems available where only one is required

- Segregation - housing the systems in multiple locations so that you never lose them all in one event

Dungeness B employs over 500 people, all of which are required to live locally so Catherine was also keen to talk about the apprenticeships offered to residents of Kent.

Catherine said:

"It was fantastic to get the opportunity to walk around a working Nuclear Power Station."

"It was particularly interesting to learn about the safety procedures in place and the opportunities the power station provides for the local community."

"I know there are many concerns after Fukushima and it's welcome to hear that those at Dungeness and at the other British Nuclear Power stations are working with national and international bodies to learn the lessons from that horrible disaster."

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