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Catherine Bearder Supports Campaign against Food Waste

South East MEP Catherine Bearder has added her support to the growing campaign against food waste. The "Love Food Hate Waste" Campaign encourages individuals to take more responsibility in reducing their personal waste.

key_lovefood.pngDescribing itself as the 'Waste Not Want Not' of the modern day, Love Food Hate Waste also provides handy tips, advice and recipes for leftovers to help everyone waste less food.

The campaign highlights how slight changes to our daily lives can have a real impact. 8.3 million tonnes of food is thrown away by households in the UK every year.

Reducing food waste is a major issue and not just about good food going to waste; wasting food costs the average family with children £680 a year and has serious environmental implications too.

Catherine said, "campaigns such as "Love Food Hate Waste" are a great example of the impact that we as individuals can make. This is not simply an issue of food going to waste but demonstrates the positive impact that campaigns such as this can have on the environment."

The campaign points out that "If we all stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the CO2 impact would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road".

For more information or to join this campaign yourself click the link below.

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