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Catherine Bearder MEP: Supreme Court judgement shows UK must do more to tackle deadly pollution

The Supreme Court today has just ruled that the UK government is not doing enough to meet EU air quality limits, in a case brought by environmental lawyer group ClientEarth.

key_catherine.pngThe Court demanded that the UK government propose new plans to improve air quality no later than 31 December 2015.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, who is leading negotiations in the European Parliament on the EU’s new air quality law, commented:

"This is a stark reminder that any future government must do more to reduce deadly air pollution in our cities.

"That means taking action at home to reduce local emissions and leading the fight in Europe for strict new limits on cross-border pollution.

"Crucially, we urgently need to reform EU rules on the testing of diesel vehicles to ensure they better reflect real-world emissions. 

Liberal Democrat Energy & Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey said:

"Air pollution is a silent killer and this ruling is a timely reminder that it has to be taken more seriously.

"More has to be done in London, and across many other areas of the UK where there are now acute problems.

"You cannot trust a toxic right-wing alliance of 'BLUKIP' MPs to protect our environment and it's essential Lib Dems continue to play a part in delivering on the green agenda.

"Liberal Democrats have five green laws on the front of our Manifesto and they include a legal duty to clean up our air and improve greener transport options."


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