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Catherine Bearder MEP supports Oxford business leader's warning on EU exit

Top business leaders from Oxfordshire's Chamber of Commerce have said hundreds of local jobs are at risk if Britain leaves the EU. One of their main concerns is that firms might move their headquarters away from the UK and the Thames Valley.

In addition a spokeswoman for BMW, which operates the Mini plant in Oxford, has said the UK benefits from being an active and influential EU member. Oxford is a major beneficiary of EU research funding, receiving millions of pounds in recent years to boost science and technology.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder commented:

"This is a crucial intervention from local business leaders The facts about Brexit are very clear - local jobs and investment will be put at risk.

"I am campaigning to ensure we keep a strong voice in Europe for the local area.

"Remaining in the EU is the best way to safeguard Oxford's status as a centre of cutting-edge research."

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