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Catherine Bearder and Steve Goddard visit Oxford's new eco-Mini

On Friday local euro MP, Catherine Bearder, met with representatives from BMW to hear about the new eco-mini that will be tested in the UK.

key_mini.pngThe Mini E is an electric car that produces no carbon emissions. It will be on UK roads for a twelve-month field trial that will evaluate the technical and social aspects of living with an all-electric vehicle in a real world environment.

After visiting the Oxford BMW plant, Catherine said:

"It's fantastic that a car manufacturer the size of BMW is leading the development of the electric car market. Electric cars are a central part of making the zero-carbon future the Liberal Democrats are fighting for, and companies like BMW can help today's aspiration become tomorrow's reality."

"The production of this car is an excellent example of what can be achieved when people from different regions of Europe cooperate on joint projects."

Steve Goddard, Lib Dem prospective MP for Oxford East, accompanied Catherine, and commented:

"It's great that Oxford is at the forefront both in the investment and research of this project. Not only are the cars tested in this study coming through our plant in Cowley but the research is being conducted by academics at Oxford Brookes University. Leading the way on projects like this is something we can all be proud of."

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