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Catherine backs the YES campaign to stay in the EU


To kick-start the YES campaign Catherine has been joining forces with pro-European groups like British Influence, Business for New Europe and a cross party group of British MEPs from the Green, Labour and Conservative parties. 

It is of course no surprise that the EU referendum has arrived. We've all been waiting for it and, while going through this process will create uncertainty and put many businesses' plans on ice, Catherine is pleased we can now forge ahead with the YES campaign.

To win the campaign we need the winning arguments. The EU is crucial to the progress Catherine is making as an MEP towards fighting cross-border crime, protecting biodiversity and keeping air quality legislation on the table. 

The EU is also incredibly important for jobs, trade, investment, human rights, peace and democracy. Catherine will be doing all she can to drive the YES campaign forwards and ensure pro-Europeans have as many accurate facts at their fingertips as possible.

The battle to win the EU referendum has begun. To show your support for the YES campaign sign Catherine's petition for Britain to keep its seat at the table and continue to be a major influence in Europe. 


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