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Cameroon joins with EU to fight deforestation

Cameroon has become the latest forest nation to ratify an agreement with the EU that will fight the illegal timber trade.


key_cameroon.pngCameroon's Parliament has ratified a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU. Companies wishing to export timber from Cameroon to the EU will now have to prove the timber was harvested legally and sustainably. The agreement is the latest move from the EU to ensure that European demand for cheap wood does not feed black-market timber merchants.

Catherine Bearder MEP, who helped to guide the legislation through the European Parliament, commented:

"Illegally sourced timber is today's version of conflict blood diamonds. Illegal loggers are exploiting our forests and killing our planet."

"People in the UK may buy a piece of furniture and have no idea they're funding illegal loggers to destroy our planet's valuable resources. But now they can be satisfied that any wood used from Cameroon has been legally sourced."

"These agreements are truly landmark and represent a crucial step towards stopping illegal logging."

"The fact that so many countries have signed, or are in the process of signing, these agreements shows the global commitment that exists towards stemming the tide of deforestation."

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