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British victims of crime to get EU-wide protection

Victims of crime can expect the same standard of treatment and help in any European Union country, thanks a new law adopted today.

key_bearder1.pngThe European Parliament has waved through legislation which will offer minimum levels of free medical care and support services to crime victims.

It also means Brits travelling around the EU for social or work reasons will have the right to information on other countries' justice systems in English.

Catherine Bearder, an MEP for the South East, said: "Too many British citizens have suffered torrid experiences after being robbed or attacked while abroad.

"It can often be compounded by poor treatment by police and the courts, where procedures are explained in a foreign language… if at all!

"These new rules will help ensure British people travelling around the EU do not get a raw deal from the authorities on top of suffering the crime itself."

The new EU law includes the right to translation and interpretation into English, expenses, protection and compensation.

It also ensures issues linked to gender, ethnicity, religion and age are taken into account, as well as enforcing injunctions for domestic violence across the EU.

Catherine added: "There are already reassurances in place for anyone arrested in an EU country to be dealt with fairly and this provides protection for crime victims."

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