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British Government Failing Fishermen on Quotas

On a visit to Hastings Fishermen's Protection Society on Thursday, Catherine saw the difficulties facing fishermen due to the Government's failure to follow Europe's lead in fisheries policy.

key__cbfishermen.pngShe was told of the unnecessary restrictions put on boats under 10 metres by the UK Government. These restrictions have subverted EU directives and are making business very difficult for fishermen in Hastings.

Catherine Commented: "This has nothing to do with EU restrictions, and all to do with how the Government is unfairly dividing up quotas between large operators and the small single owner fishermen who operate from traditional fishing towns."

"This is contrary to the way the rest of the EU deal with their quotas."

"The cod stocks in the channel have now recovered but, because the British Government does not give fishermen the quotas to catch them, the cod that cannot be stopped from getting into their nets is having to be thrown back."

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