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Bring in universal phone charger for all makes

A universal charger for all mobile phones should be introduced to cut costs and waste for uses MEPs decided this week.

key_cbphone.pngThe plan has been proposed by the European Committee responsible this in an amendment to a draft law on radio equipment.

They are urging member states and manufacturers to finally introduce a universal charger to put an end to cable chaos for mobile phones and tablets.

Catherine Bearder, Lib Dem MEP for South East England said: "a universal phone charger would make mobile phones simpler to use and cut costs and waste for users.

"This is the beginning of another sensible piece of European legislation to make life easier for the consumer.

"We have all experienced building up a draw full of chargers which become useless when we get our new phone, sometimes even if they're made by the same company.

"These new radio equipment rules should oblige manufacturers to make mobile phones compatible with a universal charger."

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